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EIG Supporting Faculty

Michael G. Anderson, Ph.D.
Webpage: University of Iowa Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Sheila A Baker, Ph.D.
Webpage: University of Iowa Department of Biochemistry

John H. Fingert, MD, Ph.D.
Webpage: Glaucoma Genetics Laboratory

Markus H. Kuehn, Ph.D.
Webpage: Glaucoma Cell Biology Laboratory

Robert F. Mullins, Ph.D.
Webpage: Chorioretinal Degenerations Laboratory

Seongjin Seo, Ph.D.
Webpage: University of Iowa Wynn Institute for Vision Research

Edwin M. Stone, MD, Ph.D.
Webpage: Howard Hughes Medical Institute Webpage
                Center for Macular Degeneration

Stewart Thompson, Ph.D.
Webpage: Photobiology Laboratory Webpage

Budd A. Tucker, Ph.D.
Webpage: Ocular Stem Cell Laboratory


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