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EyeRounds Atlas of Ophthalmology

Contest Winners, 2013

Over the past year, the Eyerounds Board members have been working to add to and improve our Online Atlas of the eye. With this in mind, we asked the University of Iowa Ophthalmology Residents and Fellows to submit their best photos and held a contest to find the best of these. Earlier this summer, we asked a panel of UI Ophthalmologists to vote for their favorites among the submissions.

The Winning Entries
Large Intraocular Foreign Body(57%) Intraocular Foreign Body
Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome (26%) Pseudoexfoliation syndrome
Blood in Schlemm's canal, Dilated episcleral vessels, ocular hypertension  (22%)
Weiss Ring (17%) Weiss Ring

About the percentages: The combined total of the top four is more than 100% because each judge was allowed to select up to three favorites on the ballot.

last updated: 08/07/2013
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