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*Dr. Caccamise has very generously shared his images of patients taken while operating during the "eye season" in rural India as well as those from his private practice during the 1960's and 1970's. Many of his images are significant for their historical perspective and for techniques and conditions seen in settings in undeveloped areas.

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Photograph Diagnosis
absence of upper lid OS- close-up photograph
anklyoblepharon OU
basal cell carcinoma adjacent to inferior canaliculus
Basal Cell Carcinoma, RLL
benign lymphocytic infiltration of lacrimal gland OS
Bleparophimosis with ptosis OU
blowout fracture OD with muscle entrapment
carcinoma of lid margin
chemosis - marked edema of the bulbar conjunctiva following evisceration
chronic dacryocystitis : pre-dacryocystorhinostomy
chronic dacryocystitis with draining fistula OS
chronic dacryocystitis with draining fistula OS - #2 - another case
Cicatricial ectropin from burns sustained by Nepalese girl
congenital anomaly of caruncula lacrimalis
congenital ptosis OD
cutis laxa/dermatochalasis palpebrae
cyst - dermoid cyst of orbit
cyst of gland of Moll: hyfrecated 1965
Cyst: cyst of gland of Moll also, papilloma upper lid
Dacryocystitis, chronic with abscess formation, OS
dermatochalasis with papillomata
ectropion of lower lid due to squamous cell carcinoma of tarsal conjunctiva
entropion - spastic - left lower lid
epidermalization of palpebral conjunctiva
Epithelial inclusion cyst, conjunctiva
Ethmoidal Sinus Mucocele
etropion OU with epidermalization, sebaceous cyst of upper lid OD, and temporal Bitot's spot OS
eviscerated OD with lucite ball implant with preservation of cornea
evisceration with leucite ball implant - OD
evisceration with lucite ball implant
facial (including lids) scarring with distortion from auto accident
fistula resulting from incomplete dacryocystectomy
fistula resuting from incomplete dacryocystectomy
Healed McReynold's pterygium transplantation operation
herniated orbital fat
herniation of orbital fat
hypertelorism with telecanthus
Jones Tube
keratitis e lagophthalmos with lateral tarsorraphy
keratotic lesions of lid
lacrimal gland tumor - mixed
Lacrimal gland: tumor with medial displacement of eyeball
lid laceration - full thickness
Lid: ectropion of left upper lid with epidermalization of conjunctiva
Lid: pigmented papilloma
lids: marked inferior entropion OU
lipodermoid OU -
lipodermoid- right orbit
Modified Hughes' bridge flap for reconstruction of upper lid OS
Nevus (Pigmented nevus of lower lid margin)
notching of upper lid margin with trichiasis - result of trauma
ossifying fibroma: nose and left orbit
osteomyelitis of frontal bone with draining fistula.
papilloma of lid margin and Brushfield spots in a normal adult female
papillomatous anomaly of bulbar conjunctiva near plica semilunaris
papillomatous lid lesions
pigmented lesion engulfing the inferior punctum lacrimalis
pigmented nevus - left upper lid near outer canthus
pigmented nevus of bulbar conjunctiva
pigmented nevus of lid margin
pigmented nevus of limbus
pigmented nevus of plica semilunaris
pigmented nevus of right lower lid
pigmented punctum lacrimalis OS
post-op lid repair for trichiasis. Also vitiligo of lids.
Postop McReynold's procedure for pterygium
Postop Ziegler cautery procedure for spastic entropion
preseptal cellulitis from untreated hordeolum
prosthetic shell
pterygium surgery - repeatedly unsuccessful surgery
ptosis trachomatosa
recurrent melanoma of conjunctiva of rt upper lid
sebaceous cyst at inner canthus OD
senile/involutional entropion
skin tags of the lids
slitting of inferior canaliculus
spastic entropion of right lower lid
Spastic entropion: Bodian operation
thyrotropic exophthalmos OU: Naffziger operation
trachoma: advanced stage with trichiasis, corneal opacification with extensive neovascularization, humping of the superior tarsus.
trachoma: an advanced stage with trichiasis, convex outward bowing of the superior tarsus, and opacification of a vascularized cornea.
trachoma: extreme trichiasis
trachoma: post-op trichiasis-entropion repair of upper lid
Tularemia, oculoglandular

unilateral proptosis

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