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*Dr. Caccamise generously shared his images of patients taken while operating during the "eye season" in rural India as well as those from his private practice during the 1960's and 1970's. Many of his images are significant for their historical perspective and for techniques and conditions seen in settings in undeveloped areas.

Photograph Diagnosis
Acute endophthalmitis during immediate post- cataract surgery
Aftercataract: following a planned intracapsular cataract extraction in 1977 Aftercataract: following a planned intracapsular cataract extraction in 1977
Anterior polar cataract Anterior polar cataract
Anterior polar cataract Anterior polar cataract
Anterior polar cataract Anterior polar cataract - a congenital cataract
Anterior vitreous membrane following uncomplicated intracapsular cataract extraction with peripheral iridectomy Anterior vitreous membrane following uncomplicated intracapsular cataract extraction with peripheral iridectomy
Atrophia bulbi
Atrophia bulbi
Bell microerisiphake with Morgagnian cataract
Bell microerisiphake: a summary of instruments used during the waning days of intracapsular cataract surgery
Bullous keratopathy following intracapsular cataract surgery -
Bullous keratopathy: a sequela of intracapsular cataract surgery
Cache of post-op cataract complications
Cataract - congenital posterior polar cataract
Cataract- a shrunken Morgagnian cataract has slipped into the anterior chamber
Cataract on tip of microerisiphake-in OR
Cataract with Fuchs' heterochromic cyclitis
Cataract: a discussion of the nuclear cataract
cataract: a mature cataract that is entering the hypermature stage
cataract: a von Graefe knife incision that went astrat. In spite of its improper placement and the use of no sutures, the wound healed perfectly.
Cataract: aftercataract (secondary cataract) following needling (discission)
Cataract: bilateral mature senile cataract - typical patient at thEye Clinic in rural India
cataract: cholesterol crystals
Cataract: cystoid cicatrix and ectropion uveae following intracapsular cataract surgery with a complete iridectomy
cataract: intumescent cataracta neurodermatica, i.e. a cataract associated with atopic dermatitis
cataract: iris prolapse as a postop complication of recent cataract surgery.
Cataract: Is my cataract ready for surgery?
cataract: mature corticonuclear cataract
cataract: most common site of an incipient cataract
cataract: nuclear sclerosis vs nuclear cataract
cataract: phthisis bulbi post cataract surgery
cataract: Post-0p phthisis bulbi
Cataract: post-needling Elschnig's pearls
cataracta calcarea
cataracta calcarea - a subluxated calcified cataract
cataracta complicata et calcarea/ calcified complicated cataract
Cataracta complicata with chronic uveitis
cataracta complicata/cataracta dermatogenica
cataracta stellata
cataracta stellata - computer manipulated
cataracta syndermatotica or cataracta neurodermatica: associated with atopic dermatitis
cataract-anterior polar
cholesterol crystals in lens - 2 photos (Christmas tree cataract)
Classic intumescent cataract
Classic intumescent cataract in an adult in the USA
coloboma of iris - a special bridge variety-with a mature corticonuclear cataract
congenital cataract - post-op extracapsular cataract surgery
congenital cataract in the membranous cataract stage
Congenital cataract OS in a 23yr old female pt - similar lesion OD
corectopia : eccentricity of the pupil
corneal staphyloma following sutureless cataract surgery complicated by huge iris prolapse
corneoscleral contact lens
coronary cataract / cataracta coronaria
cortical cataractous changes, earliest detection of
dystrophia myotonica with cataracta complicata
expulsive choroidal hemmorrhage that occurred during cataract surgery in Gaya, India
Extracapsular cataract in a child: the use of the Fuchs' syringe
Hypermature cataract:
Hypermature Morgagnian Cataract with pathognomonic white dots beneath the anterior capsule
Hypermature Morgagnian cataract with white dots
hyphema: post cataract surgery
immature cuneiform senile cortical cataract OD
Improperly made von Graefe knife cataract incision
inaccurate von Graefe incision OS
incipient cortical cataractous changes
incipient, immature cortical cataractous changes in the inferior-nasal quadrant of the lens
Intracapsular cataract extraction (ICCE) operation in 1977 (Resultant surgical wound repair).
intracapsular cataract extraction that failed-ending up as an extracapsular extraction with retention of significant lens material
Intracapsular cataract extraction with complete iridectomy and iris prolapse
Intracapsular cataract extraction with cystoid cictrix and a corneal contact lens
intracapsular cataract operation
Intraocular lens (IOL) implant history
intumescent cataract
intumescent cataracta complicat secondary to anterior uveitis OD
intumescent traumatic cataract
intumescent traumatic cataract with ectropion uveae from 11 to 7 o'clock
IOL surgery gone awry - 1970
iris prolapse following intracapsular cataract surgery without sutures
iris: prolapsed iris following intracapsular cataract surgery with 180 degree incision
Lamellar/Zonular cataract
Leiske IOL - a part of the intraocular lens history
lentiglobus: a rare congenital anomaly
Mature cataract in an adult
mature corticonuclear cataract with a cataracta nigra component
mature corticonuclear cataract with patchy heterochromia iridis OD
membranous cataract - remnant of congenital cataract through self-absorption
membranous cataract / cataracta membranacea
Morgagnian cataract (shrunken with the nucleus enclosed in the lens capsule now lying in the anterior chamber)
Morgagnian hypermature cataract:: a rare shrinking stage
Needled aftercataract
nuclear cataract - incipient stage
Pannus -superior limbus with Morgagnian cataract
perfect intracapsular cataract operation with two peripheral iridectomies - a part of cataract surgery's history
Perfect photograph of the classic hypermature Morgagnian cataract
perfectly couched eye
phacoemulsification in its relatively early years - 1977
phacolytic glaucoma due to leaking Morgagnian cataract
pigmented persistent pupillary membrane with congenital cataract OD
post cataract surgery panophthalmitis
post excision of huge prolapsed iris following intracapsualr cataract surgery with 180 degree incision superiorly
post-endophthalmitis membrane with anterior uveitis, seclusio pupillae, and iris atrophy - all following uncomplicated intracapsular cataract operation.
posterior polar cataract
posterior polar cataract: a congenital cataract
posterior subcapsular cataract
postop cataract complication: massive prolapse of the iris
post-op cataract complications
postop prolapse of iris
pre-Morgagnian cataract
prolapse of the iris following cataract surgery
prolapse of the iris following cataract surgery
ragged von Graefe incision, secondary cataract (aftercataract), and pingueculae
rubeosis iridis, hyphema, iris atrophy, and cataracta complicata
spontaneous rupture of cataracta complicata in an eye with chronic uveitis, iris atrophy, and neovascularization
spontaneously subluxated cataract with a history of recurrent anterior uveitis OS
standard cataract instrument tray in 1964
subluxated cataract
subluxated cataractous lens - spontaneous
subluxated lens
subluxated lens - result of couchingOD
subluxated, couched lens/cataract
Subluxation of lens (A poor couching result)
surgically aphakic eye with glaucoma and hyphema
Telltale scleral scar in a couched eye
the ancient art of couching
traumatic aftercataract following a perforating injury of cornea
traumatic cataract
true-exfoliation of the anterior capsule of the lens - evident after intracapsular cataract surgery
true-exfoliationof the anterior lens capsule
ultimate in heterochromia OD
ultimate post-op ocular complication of cataract surgery
unsuccessful couching - OD
von Graefe incision in cataract surgery - an historical note
white cataract in older patients, differential diagnosis
white cataract from trauma
zonular cataract/ lamellar cataract
zonular/ lamellar cataract in India: computer enhanced
zonular/ lamellar congenital cataract
zonular/ lamellar congenital cataract with associated coronary cataract

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