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Historical Archive: Glaucoma and Iris

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*Dr. Caccamise generously shared his images of patients taken while operating during the "eye season" in rural India as well as those from his private practice during the 1960's and 1970's. Many of his images are significant for their historical perspective and for techniques and conditions seen in settings in undeveloped areas.

Photograph Diagnosis
absolute glaucoma following extraction of subluxated cataract
absolute glaucoma with spontaneous hyphema
absolute glaucoma, failed iridencleisis, and tattooed cornea
adrenochrome due to epinephrine
adrenochromes - antioxidant deposits from Glaucon (epinephrine) drops for open angle glaucoma
Adrenochromes-result of epinephrine in glaucoma drops OD
classic iridencleisis/Holth's operation
Congenital Glaucoma
Congenital glaucoma (hydrophthalmos) with central corneal leucoma - close-up of OS of boy in previous photograph
Elliott trhine operation with usual filtering cystoid bleb
hydrophthalmos OD
hydrophthalmos OS
hydrophthalmos OS
hydrophthalmos OU with leukomatous cornea OS
hydrophthalmos OU-blind OU
hydrophthalmos with gonotomy OS
hydrophthalmus OS
hydrops with hydrophthalmos OD
incomplete aniridia
Primary congenital glaucoma (hydropthalmos) with central corneal leucoma with striae/folds (Haab's Striae) in Descemet's membrane
secondary glaucoma simulating acute primary narrow angle glaucoma
Sturge-Weber Syndrome
succulent filtering bleb following glaucoma surgery
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