Lamellar Hole with Foveal Schisis

Contributor: Eric Chin MD

Photographer: Stefani Karakas, CRA

88-year-old male referred for evaluation of an epiretinal membrane and lamellar hole in the right eye. Patient had a history of a stroke with secondary visual field defects (quadrantanopsia). No acute vision changes. No metamorphopsia. No pain or irritation. No other complaints.

Discussed surgery versus observation. The patient elected for observation of his epiretinal membrane and lamellar hole.

Lamellar Hole with Foveal Schisis, fundus

Figure 1: OD: clear media; optic nerve cupping with peripapillary pigment; multiple intermediate and large drusen throughout macula and periphery; small lamellar hole at the fovea center and an epiretinal membrane worse between the fovea and superior arcades.

Lamellar Hole with Foveal Schisis,

Lamellar Hole with Foveal Schisis,

Figure 2: Cirrus OCT OD: epiretinal membrane with lamellar hole and foveal schisis.

Lamellar Holes

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