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Contributor: Meredith Baker, MD, The University of Iowa

Category: Cornea

Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy
(map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy)

Map-dot-fingerprint dystrophyEpithelial basement membrane dystrophy

Image Comments:

72-year-old female with decrease in central visual acuity. Classic gray patches, fingerprint lines, map lines, dots, and cobblestone pattern in the corneal epithelium are seen on this photo.

Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (map-dot-finger dystrophy)

Contributor:  Thomas J.E. Clark, MD

Photographer:   Carol Chan, CRA

Epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (map-dot-finger dystrophy)

This photo demonstrates classic "dots", which manifest as irregular round, oval, or comma-shaped, non-staining, putty-gray intraepithelial opacities.  They represent intraepithelial pseudocysts containing cytoplasmic debris.

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Weiss JS, Moller HU, Aldave AJ, et al.  IC3D Classification of Corneal Dystrophies—Edition 2.  Cornea.  2015;34:117-159.

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