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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Acquired Peripheral Retinoschisis

Acquired Peripheral Retinoschisis

Category(ies): Retina, Vitreous
Contributor: Eric Chin, MD
Photographer: Laura Warner
Posted: December 9, 2013

73-year-old male, with no prior past ocular history, presented at the referral of an optometrist for the possibility of retinoschisis in both eyes. He was asymptomatic without any flashes, floaters, or peripheral vision loss. He had no family history of any retinal problems.

BCVA: OD 20/20, OS 20/30 with correction

SLE: 3+ NS OU; no PVD OU DFE: normal without any peripheral retinal tears, holes, or detachments; inferotemporally there was a dome-shaped 'boggy-area' of elevated retina near the retina in both eyes. B-scan OU: mild vitreous opacities, dome-shaped retinal elevation inferotemporally consistent with retinoschisis.