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Contributor: Justin Risma, MD

Photographers: Carol Chan, CRA and Deb Kaefring

This 34-year-old African American male presented with a few months of blurry vision and photophobia. On exam, he was noted to have bilateral granulomatous anterior uveitis with large mutton-fat keratic precipitates, iris granulomas, enlarged lacrimal glands, and bilateral cervical and post-auricular lymphadenopathy. Laboratory testing revealed an angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) level of 294 U/L (normal 8-52). He was referred to pulmonary medicine and diagnosed with sarcoidosis.

Photos 1 and 2: Mutton-fat keratic precipitates and iris granulomas in sarcoidosis


Iris granulomas (Koeppe and Bussaca nodules) in sarcoidosis

Photo 3: Lacrimal gland enlargement in sarcoisosis


Photos 4 and 5: Cervical and post-auricular lymphadenopathy in sarcoidosis


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