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Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Meredith BakerMeredith S. Baker, MD

Dr. Baker completed her fellowship in Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery at the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences in June 2015.

She became a member of the EyeRounds Board in June of 2011. She continued on the Board as a fellow-advisor member until she completed her fellowship in 2015.

  • BA (Sociology) Princeton University
  • MD, University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Transitional Year, Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis, MN
  • Ophthalmology Residency, University of Iowa
  • Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery Fellowship, University of Iowa

EyeRounds Articles

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  2. Baker MS, Longmuir SQ. 2-month-old with bilateral optic nerve hypoplasia: highlighting the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach. May 18, 2012, Available from:
  3. Liaboe L, Baker M, Oetting T. Floppy Iris Syndrome. June 1, 2013; Available from:
  4. Jovraj I, Baker MS, Mallery R, Shriver EM. "I Can't Read": A Review of the Ophthalmological Features of Parkinson's disease. Feb 23, 2015; Available from:
  5. Jovraj I, Baker MS, Shriver EM. "I Can't Open My Eyes": A Case of Blepharospasm and Apraxia of Eyelid Opening. Jan 19, 2015; Available from:
last updated: 07/02/2015