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Glaucoma Tray

photography and index by Robert Dinn, MD


Ahmed Tube Inserter Ahmed Tube Inserter 4-5/8"

Ahmed Tuber Inserter Close Up

Moria Tying Curved 4-3/4"

Moria Tying Curved Close Up

Moria Tying Straight 4-3/4"

Moria Tying Straight Close Up

(2) Smooth (Dressing) 4"

Smooth (Dressing) Closer Up

(2) Weck Tying (Smooth Curved) 3-7/8"

Weck Tying Close Up

Bonn Suturing (Delicate teeth 0.12 mm) 3"

Bonn Close Up

Colibri Corneal (with 1X2 teeth 0.12 mm) 2-7/8"

Colibri Corneal Close Up


Gill Knife 5"

Gill Knife Close Up

Beaver Chuck Knife Handle #3K 3-7/8"


Vannas Capsulotomy Scissors 3-5/16"

Vannas Close Up

McPherson Vannas Iris Scissors 3"

McPherson Close Up

Vannas and McPherson Side by Side

Vannas and McPherson Side by Side

Barraquer Iris 2-/8"

Barraquer Iris Close Up


Iolab Titanium Needleholder 4-3/8"

Iolab Titanium Needleholder Close Up


Kuglen Straight Lens Manipulator 4-5/8"

Kuglen Close Up

(2) Gass (Von Graefe Modified with Eye) 5"

Gass Close Up


Kelly Decement Punch 5"

Kelly Decement Punch Close Up

Glaucoma Tray

last updated: 03-12-2007
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