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Standard Vitrectomy Instrumentation Tray

Jordan M. Graff, MD

March 17, 2009

Standard Vitrectomy Tray: University of Iowa 2009

Introduction: Vitreoretinal surgery is a rapidly advancing field, with increasingly refined microsurgical instrumentation allowing for advanced techniques. Many 23 gauge and 25 gauge instrumentation systems now have a growing array of single-use, disposable instruments. This tutorial represents the standard instrumentation pack that is available to the surgeons at the University of Iowa. While all of the most recent advances in imaging (BIOM wide-angle viewing) and small-guage surgery are also available, the 20 gauge plugs, basic buckle instruments, and Machemer irrigating contact lens on the standard tray indicate that this same basic tray allows for 20 gauge surgery, combined vit/buckle, or traditional viewing systems as needed for more complex surgical cases referred for tertiary vitreoretinal surgical care. There are some minor variations to this standard pack between the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) and the Main Operating Room (MOR). A myriad of picks, forceps, micro-scissors, endolaser probes, and other microsurgical instruments are also available to the surgeon (both disposable and multiple-use). One standard pack of frequently-used 20 gauge micro-picks is displayed below.




Retractors and Hooks


Frequently Used Picks

last updated: 03-17-2009
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