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Imaging and Perimetry Society Constitution

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Article 1.

The name of the society shall be the Imaging and Perimetry Society (IPS). The society will be constituted in conformity with Article 60 of the Swiss civil code.

Article 2.

The aim of the Imaging and Perimetry Society will be to promote the study of normal and abnormal visual function in the entire visual field and to ensure and facilitate the cooperation and friendship of scientists of different countries working and interested in this discipline.

Article 3.

The registered office of the IPS will be at the domicile of the honorary secretary.

Article 4.

The IPS will:
a) Provide a scientific symposium for its members at regular intervals no less than every four years.
b) Publish the proceedings of the scientific meeting and relevant reports and communications of its groups and committees.

Article 5.

Membership of the IPS will consist of:
a) Regular members
b) Honorary members
c) Life members
d) Associate members

In order to become a regular member, application to the secretary will be supported by two members of the society who will indicate the applicant's interest in visual functions. All applicants for membership have to be approved by the executive committee of the IPS.

Honorary membership will be conferred on persons who have distinguished themselves in the study of any aspect of visual function. They shall be recommended by the executive to the members of the Society at their business meetings. Honorary members shall not pay dues.

Professionally non-active retired members can be appointed life members by the executive committee. As such, they shall not pay dues, and they shall not be voting at business meetings.

Associate membership is open to researchers in the area of visual function who are employed by manufacturers of instruments and devices. Associate members have benefits and obligations of all other members of the Imaging and Perimetry Society, but do not exercise a vote. Associate members are entitled to scientific papers for consideration by the programme committee for presentation at the Imaging and Perimetry Society's meetings. An associate member will require the sponsorship of two Imaging and Perimetry Society regular members when applying for membership. Associate members will conform to the Society's code of ethics and will declare their association with the company employing them when presenting a paper or poster. Associate members will not use or allow the company to use their associate membership in any promotional releases.

Membership of the IPS will be terminated:
a) By the president.
b) By the executive committee action for just cause after giving opportunity to present his case to the executive. Any member of the IPS whose membership has been so terminated will have the right to apply for reinstatement to a general business meeting of the IPS.
c) For non-payment of dues after a reasonable period of time.

Article 6.

The IPS will be administered by an executive committee which will consist of:
a) The president of the society
b) Two vice-presidents
c) The honorary secretary
d) The treasurer
e) The chairman of the groups and task committees
f) Two members elected by the general business meeting every four years
g) A retiring honorary secretary for a period of four years

A quorum at the executive meetings shall consist of three officers and two chairmen of groups or task committees. The executive may co-opt additional members who shall have no voting power.

Members of the executive shall receive no renumeration from the IPS, but their expenses while on business of the IPS may be reimbursed on recommendation of the executive. All officers of the IPS will be elected by the general business meeting of the IPS. The president and vice-presidents may hold two four year terms of office.

The secretary and treasurer must be reconfirmed every four years by the general business meeting of the IPS.

The society should have groups and task committees. The groups should be those areas of perimetry which have great communality of clinical interest or natural groupings in which interest should be stimulated. Their function should be educational within and without the society. The task committees, on the other hand, should be oriented towards specific problems which may require organizational or scientific solution.

The chairmen of the groups should be expected to hold the position for six years and should then be replaced to allow the group a range of leadership to bring out various activities within it. The group might also organize research. The chairmen of the task committees, on the other hand, should not be replaced until the task has been carried out.

The executive committee should formulate terms of reference which are quite specific for the task committees. The existence of groups should be reviewed at every meeting of the IPS to ensure a dynamic process responsive to the current needs of the society.

Article 7.

A general business meeting of the members of the IPS will be held at least every four years.

Special meetings of the IPS may be called by the executive. The agenda for such meetings will be determined by the executive and must be circulated to all members at least one month before such a meeting.

All decisions of the general business meeting (except for changes of the constitution) will be by majority vote.

A quorum at any meeting of the society will consist of twenty-five members of the IPS.

The minutes of all general and special meetings of the IPS will be circulated to all members of the society.

Article 8.

The annual dues of the IPS shall be determined by the general business meeting on recommendation of the executive.

Article 9.

The president, or his designate, will represent the IPS on all occasions.

Article 10.

The constitution of the IPS may be changed by the membership of the IPS at a general business meeting or special meeting. Proposals for change will come from the executive or from ten members of the society. Such proposals for change must be submitted at least two months prior to the meeting and circulated to all members of the IPS. Changes in the constitution require a two-thirds majority of those present at the meeting.

Article 11.

The dissolution of the society shall take place only at a general or special business meeting of the society. One or more persons shall be charged with the dissolution. The assets of the IPS must be transferred to an international scientific or charitable ophthalmological organization.

Article 12.

A programme committee will be appointed for each symposium and will always contain the secretary of the IPS as one of its members.

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Regulations of the Society

  1. The president will be the administrator and the representative of the society. A vice-president will replace the president when necessary.

  2. The secretary will be responsible for the organization of the scientific symposium, for its publication, for correspondence with the membership of the IPS, and for minutes of meetings.

  3. A notice of the date and site of the scientific symposium will be circulated to all members at least six months before such a symposium by the secretary. A call for papers will then be initiated.

  4. The treasurer will be responsible for the funds of the IPS. He will keep books, send out notices for annual dues. He will report on the financial situation of the society at every general business meeting of the IPS.

  5. Only members of the society, their guests and specially invited scientists may participate at the symposium. Scientists who are non-members who wish to present a paper may apply to the secretary. All other persons interested in visual fields and visual functions may attend symposia of the society on paying the registration fee. All participants in a symposium must submit short abstracts of their paper to the secretary for transmission to the programme committee who will decide on the final programme of the symposium. Manuscripts of papers presented at a symposium must be left with the secretary at the time of the symposium.

  6. It is the policy of the IPS that all individuals presenting scientific papers, posters, exhibits and courses at any of its meetings shall be expected to make a voluntary disclosure of any monetary interest they may have in any instruments, devices or drugs that may be discussed in whole or in part in such presentations. Furthermore, those being involved in the development of any instruments or devices are likewise advised to make such a disclosure when presenting a paper or poster in which these same devices may be discussed in whole or in part.

  7. All dues shall be paid biannually.

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