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The IPS presently has approximately 160 members. The activities of the Society are organized in the following groups.

bullet Program: Paolo Brusini, MD, and Dr Mark Zeppieri, Udine, ITALY
The Program Committee is in charge of selecting papers and posters for the next IPS meeting.
bullet IPS Board Members
  bulletPresident Chris Johnson, PhD, Iowa City, IA, USA
  bulletPast President Michael Wall, MD, Iowa City, IA, USA
  bulletVice President David (Ted) Garway-Heath,MD, London, England, UK
  bulletVice President Aiko Iwase, MD, Tajimi, Gifu, JAPAN
  bulletSecretary Allison M McKendrick, BScOptom, MScOptom, PhD
  bulletTreasurer Mitchell Dul, OD, MS, New York, NY, USA
  bulletPast-Secretary: David Henson, MD, Manchester England, UK
bullet Members at Large
  bulletPaul Artes, PhD, Manchester, England, UK
  bulletLinda Zangwill, PhD, La Jolla, CA, USA
bullet Other Board Members
  bulletFritz Dannheim, MD, Rosengarten, GERMANY
  bulletKazuhisa Sugiyama, MD, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, JAPAN
  bulletAiko Iwase, MD, Tajimi, Gifu, JAPAN
bullet Group Chairs
  bulletAwards Committee: Fritz Dannheim, MD, Rosengarten, GERMANY
      bulletPerimetry: Chota Matsumoto, MD, Osaka-Sayama City, JAPAN
      bulletImaging: David (Ted) Garway-Heath, MD, London, UK
  bulletImaging Standards: Linda Zangwill, PhD, La Jolla, CA, USA
  bulletIndustry Liaison and PR Committee: Paul Artes, OD, PhD, Halifax, NS, CANADA
  bulletOpen Perimetry Interface: Paul Artes, OD, PhD, Halifax, NS, CANADA;
                                                    Andrew Turpin, PhD, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Honorary Members of the IPS

bullet Prof. Stephen Drance
bullet Prof. Jay Enoch
bullet Prof. Franz Fankhauser
bullet Prof. Lars Frisén
bullet Prof. Erik Greve
bullet Prof. Anders Heijl
bullet Prof. Yoshiaki Kitazawa
bullet Dr Pam Sample

In Memoriam Honorary Members of the IPS

bullet Prof. Elfriede Aulhorn
bullet Prof. Alan Friedmann
bullet Prof. Hans Goldmann
bullet Prof. Heinrich Harms
bullet Prof. Haratuke Matsuo
bullet Prof. Mario Zingirian


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