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IPS 2000 Board Meeting Minutes

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The minutes of the business and board meetings of the Garda symposium were unanimously approved.

Dr. Chauhan was singled out for his tremendous effort in putting on the IPS 2000 meeting.

Dr. Wall gave the secretary’s report. The Society now numbers 201 active members, a loss of 2 members in two years. About half of the members are from Europe and over 1/3 are from Japan. The Garda proceedings were late for a variety of reasons. Steps have been taken to insure the 2000 proceedings will be on time. The 1998 proceedings were on budget. The office of the secretariat had operating expenses of $976.21 for the past two years, mostly for secretarial assistance, faxes and mailings.

The program committee met in Halifax in April 14, consisting of Drs. Chauhan, Casson and Flanagan. Ninety-one abstracts were received (114 for the Garda meeting). The committee again decided to have topics for each session with oral presentations mixed with posters. We have added the IPS lecture, given this year by Dr. Stephen Drance.

The program committee gave out two junior investigator grants to Andrew Anderson and Robert Rejdak from a group of 7 applicants.

The secretariat will compile a database of junior investigator awards so duplication will not occur. In the future, we will send the specifics of what is to be done with the award. This money is to be used for travel and registration fee will be waived. We will send a blank registration form stamped “complimentary.”

Dr. Mills gave the treasurer’s report. The treasury was successfully housed was in Hamburg for 18 years and in DM. A transfer to the euro took place and the value of our account in U. S. dollars has declined to $21,743.98 but over one-third of our dues not yet in. In the past year, $35,500 has been decreased by $10,000 to Bal for meeting and $26,704.42 to Kugler. About $22,000 is for the volume and $5000 is for reprints. Our peak treasury of about $65,000 was in 1992 after the Malmö meeting. Dr. Mills reported the causes of the decrease in the treasury were multifactorial. We have lost about 100 members without a reduction in the cost of the proceedings. The DM and Euro conversions along with the strong U.S. dollar have also contributed. Lastly, with the fixed cost of Proceedings, dues no longer cover the cost of the proceedings. Therefore, if we don’t make money from the meeting, we go into the red for the year.

We now accept credit cards and this has increased our ability to collect dues and it helps with exchange of foreign currency. Dr. Mills pointed out the difference of $15,000 was mostly because the dues do not cover the proceedings. The board then, as a cost cutting measure, decided not to pay for proceedings reprints in the future. Dr. Mills said our dues were set by the DM that has declined. Because of changes in exchange rate and that dues no longer cover the costs of the proceedings, we agreed a reasonable correction was to increase it to $75 per year.

It was suggested that we tie dues to meeting registration. Dr. Wild suggested we go to one-year dues to get in sync with the biannual meeting and then go to a two-year assessment. Also, to simplify the new member sign up process it was suggested that the secretary and treasurer automatically sign the form and the filter for scientific content would be at the scientific program committee level. Dr. Wild suggested we try to market the society better including registration forms that have our sponsors on it. It was also suggested we identify new researchers at meetings like ARVO and approach them individually.

Dr. Wild suggested we put out a mass mailing type of flyer with sponsorship and membership form. Dr. Wall will work with him to produce this. Hopefully, there will be associated corporate sponsorship.

Dr. Wild gave an update on structural changes of the board that occurred at the last meeting. Scientific: Dr. Casson, Standards, gave an update of the standards document. Drs. Sample and Werner offered to assist to complete the document. Dr. Wall suggested that time is spent mostly on filling in deficiencies rather than editing what has been done. Dr. Zulauf has agreed to set up a monitored listserve for perimetry questions. He will switch from a membership to a scientific board position.

Communications: Dr. Wall noted the website has been accessed 3921 times since June 1998. We will continue to gradually add to the web site. Dr. Matusumoto speaking for Dr. Iwase said a Japanese language perimetry web page is planned. The board endorsed this and will cooperate.

Development: Fundraising for the Halifax meeting was done mostly by Dr. Chauhan, Le Blanc Mills, and Kitazawa.

Membership: Dr Werner, will contact major organizations like AAO for mass mailings. Dr Matsumoto reported Dr. Iwase is going to build a Japanese perimetry web page that will link to the IPS home page.

We have again signed a contract with Kugler to publish the symposia. Dr. B. Schwartz contacted Dr. Wall before the meeting to discuss indexing of the proceedings for Index medicus. The Board agreed not to change from Kugler and that the cost of publishing in a journal that was indexed was prohibitive.

Dr. Wall presented a proposal to put the IPS proceedings on the web. In the first 7 proceedings there are 3844 pages. Kugler has agreed to let us put the last 6 on the web site (3123 pages). Mr. Bakker says that in the beginning of year after publication we can put the proceeding on the web. He will give us the .pdf files. He can do this for the past two years. If we are able to do this, there are about 6000 pages left to digitize. The total cost would be from $2400 to $5400 depending on the extras and type of scanning. The board endorsed the concept. Sponsorship was discussed.

Drs. Gloor and Hayreh were suggested as IPS life members. They were approved pending approval by the full membership.

Nomination of Officers and New Board Members: Dr. Wild was nominated for another four years as president. He was unanimously approved. Dr. Burk’s and Dr. Chauhan’s terms have expired. There was some reorganizing of the board and some new members approved. Dr. Brusini was proposed under Development. Ulrich Scheifer were nominated under communications. Dr. Dannheim moves to membership. Dr. Flanagan was proposed for the Scientific subdivision. Dr. Zulauf continues under scientific. Dr. Ivan Goldberg was added under scientific. Dr. Kani under communications replaces Dr. Matsumoto. For the At Large positions, Dr.’s Brusini and Iwase are retiring. Dr. Åsman and Michele Iester were proposed. Dr. Casson was nominated by Dr Wall as secretary-elect and seconded by Dr. Wild.

The location and date of next meeting was discussed. Dr. Wild will bring Oxfordshire, June 26-29 to the general business meeting.

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