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Full-thickness skin graft to the upper eyelid

Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD

Additional Notes: Length 02:13

This is Richard Allen at the University of Iowa. This video demonstrates a full-thickness skin graft to the upper lid in a patient with a congenital nevus. The nevus has been outlined and a 15 blade is used to make an incision around the border. Westcott scissors are then used to excise the nevus. The excision should be performed down to the level of the orbicularis muscle. A suture is placed on the specimen to orient it for the pathologist. The specimen is sent for evaluation. The defect is inspected and a template is made with Telfa. This template is then transferred to the retroauricular area and a full-thickness skin graft is harvested. The skin graft is then placed into the defect. The skin graft is then sutured into position with interrupted 5-0 fast-absorbing sutures. 6–0 silk sutures are then placed around the graft. These are cut long. Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment is then placed over the graft. This is followed by Telfa and a foam bolster. The foam bolster is fixated into position with the 6-0 silk sutures. An eye pad will be placed. The patient will follow-up in approximately 1 week for removal of the bolster and reevaluation.

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last updated: 02/22/2017
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