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Intraconal implant placement in an evisceration

Richard C. Allen, MD, PhD, FACS
Additional Notes: Length 01:00

This video demonstrates placement of an orbital implant posterior to posterior sclera in a patient undergoing an evisceration. The intraocular contents have already been removed and the posterior sclera has been opened. The intraconal space posterior to posterior sclera is demonstrated and a PMMA implant is placed posterior to posterior sclera. The posterior sclera is then closed with interrupted 4–0 Vicryl sutures. I do not believe that a porous implant is needed in this case unless one is going to peg the implant later. Placement of the implant posterior to posterior sclera will result in an extra layer of sclera over the implant with a hopefully decreased risk of subsequent implant exposure.

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last updated: 02/2/2017
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