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Contributor: Andrew Doan, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Category: Cataract

Ectopia lentis

1) before pupil dilation

ectopia lentis

2) after pupil dilation

ectopia lentis

Causes of ectopia lentis

Primarily Ocular

  1. Trauma (most common)
  2. Simple Ectopia Lentis
  3. Ectopia Lentis et pupillae
  4. Buphthalmos
  5. Exfoliation Syndrome
  6. Aniridia


  1. Marfan Syndrome
  2. Weill-Marchesani Syndrome
  3. Homocystinuria
  4. Hyperlysemia
  5. Sulfite oxidase deficiency
  6. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  7. Syphillis

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