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Canaliculotomy for canaliculitis

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This is Richard Allen at the University of Iowa.  This video demonstrates incision and drainage of the canaliculi in a patient with chronic discharge and presumed canaliculitis.  The patient has a history of exposure keratopathy, status post lateral tarsorrhaphy and placement of upper and lower punctal plugs.  Westcott scissors are used to make an incision along the length of canaliculus of the lower lid.  Cotton tip applicators are then used to express the stone in the canaliculus.  A chalazion curette is then used to remove additional material from inside the canaliculus.  This also performed along the upper eyelid, placing the blades of the Westcott scissors along the punctum to incise the canaliculus.  This is essentially a canaliculotomy.  The cotton tipped applicator are used to express the stone.  I usually send the stone to the pathologist.  I also examine the stone to look for a punctal plug.  Usually this procedure will relieve the patient's symptoms.  I do not close the incision with sutures. 

last updated: 09/01/2015
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