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Jones tube placement #3

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This is Richard Allen at the University of Iowa.

This video demonstrates an additional example of a Jones tube placement.

The patient has a history of multiple previous dacryocystorhinostomies which have failed. The caruncle is excised with Westcott scissors. Hemostasis is obtained with the monopolar cautery. An 18 gauge MVR blade is then place through the inferior posterior area of the excised caruncle and advanced in an inferior posterior direction. Intranasally, a Quickert-Dryden probe is place through the passage way. The scar from the previous DCRs is noted laterally. A Jones tube is then placed over the probe and advanced. The tube appears to be a little too close to the nasal septum. Therefore, a shorter tube is placed and appears to be in good position.

last updated: 10/23/2015
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