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Biopsy of subconjunctival lymphoma

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This is Richard Allen at the University of Iowa.

This video demonstrates biopsy of a "salmon patch" lesion under the inferior medial portion of the conjunctiva.

This mass is clinically consistent with a lymphoma. Westcott scissors are used to make an incision through the conjunctiva overlying the lesion. Dissection will be performed between the overlying conjunctiva and the mass in order to retain the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is not excised in order to prevent post-operative symblepharon. Two biopsies will be taken, one for regular histopathology and one for flow cytometry. The biopsy for histopathology can be placed in formalin while the biopsy for flow cytometry should be placed in saline soaked gauze for immediate evaluation. The conjunctival incision is closed with interrupted 7-0 Vicryl sutures. At the conclusion of the case, ophthalmic antibiotic ointment is placed into the eye three times per day and the patient will return in one week for reevaluation.

last updated: 10/20/2015
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