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Goals and Objectives

The aim of the IPS as spelled out in the Constitution is "To promote the study of normal and abnormal visual function in the entire visual field, and to ensure and facilitate the cooperation and friendship of scientists of different countries working and interested in this discipline."

Some more specific objectives are:

  1. To promote the diffusion of knowledge and understanding of perimetry and its important place among other methods of examination of the visual function.
  2. To promote the development of new methods and instruments.
  3. To develop guidelines for routine perimetric techniques.
  4. To establish standards for recording and classification of visual field defects, equipment and nomenclature and to establish liaison with other international organizations on these matters.
  5. To promote, encourage and cooperate in the education of specialized visual field examiners through courses and handbooks.
  6. These objectives are realized to a large extent at the International Visual Field Symposia of the IPS. During these meetings, a large part of recent perimetric research is usually presented and discussed.

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The symposia of the IPS are held every second year.

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Presentation of Papers and Attendance at the IPS Symposia

Members may present their results as read papers or posters at the symposia. Each paper or poster presented at any of the IPS symposia must have at least one IPS member among its authors. The symposia are open to non-members.

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The International Perimetric Society (IPS) was founded during the First International Visual Field Symposium in Marseilles in May 1974. The name was changed to Imaging and Perimetry Society in 2008.

Since then symposia have been held every two years: in Tubingen 1976, Tokyo 1978, Bristol 1980, Sacramento 1982, Santa Margherita Ligure 1984, Amsterdam 1986, Vancouver 1988, Malmo 1990, Kyoto 1992, Washington, D.C. 1994, Wurzburg, Germany 1996, Gardone Riviera, Italy 1998, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 2000, and Stratford, England in 2002, Portland, Oregon, USA in 2006, and Nara, Japan in 2008.

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