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Area of Focus Topic Presenter Date
Neuro-Ophthalmology OCT in Neuro-Ophthalmology Randy Kardon, MD 10/25/16
Neuro-Ophthalmology Optic Neuropathies Matthew J. Thurtell, MBBS, MSc 11/11/16
Resident Rounds Resident Case Presentation - Bacterial endogenous endophthalmitis | Welcome to Iowa (Resident Applicants)

Spenser Morton, MD
Thomas Oetting, MD
Jaclyn Haugsdal, MD

Trauma Posterior Segment Trauma H. Culver Boldt, MD 9/4/15
Retina/Vitreous Endophthalmitis & Masquerade Syndromes Karen Gehrs, MD 9/25/16
Retina/Vitreous Pathology of the Retina/Vitreous Nasreen A. Syed, MD 8/25/15
Pediatric Pediatric Ophthalmology Journal Club Scott H. Larson, MD 9/16/16
Pediatric Pediatric Vision Testing & Amblyopia Alina V. Dumitrescu, MD 7/22/16

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About EyeRounds Videos

We have reorganized our videos. We hope this reorganization makes it easier for you to browse our index and find what you are looking for.

These videos have been collected from a variety of sources created over the years by Residents, Faculty, and Fellows of the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences.

Some are on Facebook and YouTube, others are on our account on Vimeo. When possible, we have given alternate routes to videos is case institutional firewalls block the original. This has not always been possible and we apologize for the lack of access to these.


Older videos do not have closed captioning nor transcripts. One of our goals is to either replace these with accessible videos or to make the existing ones accessible. If you have a hearing impairment and find a video that requires the audio to understand, please contact our webmaster and we will have a transcript made for you. Use this contact form and indicate the URL of the page, a request for the transcript, and your email address.

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